Hello world!

When a new blog is published, WordPress automatically creates the first post and titles it “Hello world!”  In a nod to our new Web presence, and Computer Science students everywhere, it will remain unmolested.

Without further ado: welcome to the new digital home of The Bike Lane Race Team!  We’ve got big ambitions for this space, so check in every few days to catch up on the latest happenings.  After a little while you should be able to find race results, event reports from our racers, announcements of upcoming events, and, with any luck, some shiny, colorful media content (for those of you with short attention spans).

Although the race season is starting to wind down, a good portion of the team is preparing to head down to the George Washington National Forest (GWNF) for the annual SM100 mountain bike race this weekend.  Hurricane Earl might have something to say about that, though.  Keep your fingers crossed for the would-be GWNF Tent City residents.  Campsites weren’t meant to float, after all.  There are probably worse ways to start a ten-hour race than waking up in a few inches of water and putting on soggy team kit… but we’d rather not think about them.

Riders not so in touch with their endurance racing sides are gearing up for cyclocross season.  As you read this, a few team-colored Gin & Trombones framesets are making their way down from Mendham, NJ by way of the Big Brown Truck.  Grass grooming practices are becoming a regularly weekly occurrence, as roadies throw themselves over barriers and get reacquantied with lugged-sole shoes.  Fridges are being stocked with the finest Belgian beer, waffle makers getting dusted off, skinsuits cleaned, and riders practicing their best suffering-faces in the mirror.  The racing kicks off at Charm City in just a few weeks.  Be there!

Who said race season was done, anyway? It’s going to be an exciting fall!


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