They’re HERE!

No, not the TV people.  Way, way better.

Late last week, a big shipment from Van Dessel arrived at The Bike Lane in Reston.  Phone calls, text messages, and e-mails quickly circulated among excited team riders: the much anticipated shipment of Van Dessel Gin & Trombones framesets had arrived!  You won’t find any pictures of boxes or shipping labels here.  There are no artiful teaser shots from the unpacking process.  There is a lot of packng material on the shop floor, and lots of happy racers. 

The Bike Lane's Tony and Mark all smiles, as Andrew goes over the moon with the new Gin & Trombones!

With Charm City looming on the horizon, everybody’s scrambling to hunt down parts and get their builds finished.  The tension is building, as talk of criteriums are road races become distant memories.  Cyclocross is here.  Cyclocross is NOW!

Van Dessel is hardly new to the cyclocross scene, and their Belgian colored rocket ships should stand to prove that point.  Don’t expect the bikes to stay pretty and clean for very long, though.  Cyclocross is about getting dirty.  It’s about racing in the grass, in the dirt, in the mud, in the sand, and the rain.  What’s cooler?  The Bike Lane is now an official Van Dessel dealer.  Stop in and get your own (waffles and beer not included). 

If you’ll be in Baltimore this weekend, stop by and say hi to the team: it’s going to be a party!


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