This is Thunderdome!

Or Charm City Cross. Whatever.

The racing starts tomorrow, and it ain’t gonna stop until your wheels falls off!  Grab your cross bike, pack your pit wheels, slather on your favorite embrocation, and keep your fingers crossed that those extra beers don’t show in your skinsuit. There’s not much of a better way to spend a weekend than bumping elbows with 124 of your closest friends in the dirt [or perfecting your beer handup skillz].  So tell your family you’re going to skip the Renaissance Fair:  bragging rights are on the line.

Oh, and it’s an excuse to buy a new bike.  Because the appropraite number of bikes is n+1 (re: Rule 12).  Just in case you didn’t know.

One last time, you can get all the information your little heart desires about this weekend’s awesome schedule of events here

Oh, and by the way, if you go click on that link and read what’s there you’ll see that they’re selling beer AT the race.  Right there.  In the park.  If you ask nice, they might even sell you more than one!

Racing happens on Saturday AND Sunday, but on Sunday The Bike Lane Team will be out in big numbers.  Follow the noise to find us (or just look for the Sprinter van. You’ll know which one).  Don’t say that nobody ever invited you to anything. 


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