MABRAcross. It’s on.

It’s been a while.  Just a week, though.  We were out finding trouble and making a mess of things… but nothing you wouldn’t respect us for in the morning.


So what was has everybody been up to since Charm City?  In a word:  MABRAcross.     Sunday, 26 September marked the beginning of the 2010 series with the Ed Sander Memorial Cyclocross at Lilypons Water Gardens.  Taking full advantage of the unique opportunity to race between and around multiple water formations, racers careened about the park on the edge of control, elbows out, game faces on.  More than one rider had to be fished out of the water… but none of them were wearing Bike Lane jerseys.  You can’t win when you’re in the water hazard, after all.   The team built on the success that began at Charm City, landing three riders on the podium across two fields.  In the C race, Pierce Schmerge and Andrew Steele took second and third, respectively, while David Crouse took home a hard-fought fourth in the Masters B field.  Overall, sixteen Bike Lane jerseys stepped up to race.  Notably, four times as many team women attended Ed Sanders than Charm City!

Free beer and waffles were served on the “back 9”, as the section furthest from the start/finish is known, and heckling was kept, in proud tradition,  cranked to 11.  Although the top step of the podium eluded us, everybody had a pretty friggin’ good time.  There will be two chances to make a run at first place again this coming weekend, as series race 2, the Breast Cancer Awareness Cyclocross Challenge takes place Saturday, and race 3, the Winchester Apple Harvest Cross, goes off Sunday.

The Bike Lane is supporting Panjshir Tour – DC this weekend, too.  If  ‘crosss isn’t your thing, then check it out.  It’s for a good cause.   If ‘cross is your thing, and you show up looking for the Sprinter or big red tent, you’ll look pretty lost.  Those fine pit additions will be out spreading goodwill in the Panjshir community.  Instead, a yellow Bike Lane canopy will mark the spot where the drop bar, knobby tire fun will be.

Come out.  Enjoy a refreshing beverage.  Heckle racers.  Have a good time.  Wash, rinse, repeat.  This is going on for a while, folks!  And trust me, when this year’s racing is over you’re going to have to read silly-season posts, lots of banter about base miles, and talk about next year’s goals.  Enjoy this fun while you can.  January group rides are neat and all, but the amateur transfer scene just isn’t as entertaining as listening to J-Pow and TJ go at it with Jonathan Page in Vegas.

Oh hey, and rumor has it that there’s some bike race going on in Geelong this week.  Who knows.  Don’t the roadies know that the season’s over?

Men's C Podium: Pierce on the 2nd step, Andrew on the 3rd.

B Masters Podium: Crouse lands the 4th step


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