Men’s B (3/4) 35+/45+:

  • Ryan Bannon: 3rd Place
  • Justin Shaw: 20th Place
  • George Schulz: 45th Place
  • Thomas Crenshaw: 69th Place

Men’s C (4) Open:

  • Ryan Jenkins: 4th Place
  • Adam Lewandowski: 18th Place
  • Ben Blanton: 22nd Place
  • John Reed: 32nd Place

Women’s C (4) Open:

  • Laura Harrington: 3rd Place

Unfortunately, Mr. Crouse suffered two chain drops and was listed DNF.  The points jersey passed on to a new owner, he made the decision to “cat up”, and race with the Elite field two weeks later at DCCX.

Hyattsville presented a [mostly] dry, and fast racing surface, marked out through a local city park.  Complete with a circle of death, monster – it was at least five inches – curb drop, and several off-the-bike sections, it was a a fantastically laid out course.  And there were pint glasses for sale.  And they came filled.  Really. What more do you want?

The results speak for themselves: three more podiums in the books. Congrats to all the racers!


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