The Queen ‘Cross

Wow.  DCCX lived up to it’s reputation again this year.  We’ll let the pictures do the talking:

'Buckles' lines up for one of the course's trickier turns.

The Men's C race prepares to get underway.

David begins his assault on the Masters' Elite field.

Who could say no to faces like these?

Al and Reeder give each other some motivation to keep the pace high.

Joe P. Bunny attire absent.

Laura keeps drilling in the women's field.

Prime real estate: right along the cobbles. The ground would shake as groups of racers went by.

… and then there was the treat of the day.  The tandem race!

Local phenom Joe Dombrowski pushes the Haymarket tandem alone (while his teammate takes a refreshing handup).

Joe D. and hammerhead Jared Nieters setup for a turn, pursued by the DCMTB entry. Poor Joe's seat pin wouldn't stop slipping!

Joe and Jared go for the two-up remount.

Adventures For The Cure's Pat Blair follows pilot Adam Driscoll up the run.

Over 700 people raced at DCCX!  Ryan Jenkins worked for a solid 10th in the Men’s C race, followed by Adam Lewandowski for 15th, George Schulz in 24th, John Reed in 39th, and CrenshawIt! in 46th.  In the Master’s B race, Bruce Buckley took 16th, Joe P raced into 51st, and Rich McAfee continued his rookie cross season with 76th.  Unfortunately, Mr. Bannon suffered an ill-timed dismount, ending his day and podium streak.  David Crouse took a solid Elite debut with 32nd.  Laura Harrington nailed 24 in the women’s C field, while Dee Deeb took 11th in the women’s B race.

Special thanks to Liz Notter and Todd Bauer for the fantastic pictures.

Next up, All Hallows Cross!


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