Kinder Kross [Updated!]

Saturday, 30 October saw another round of As MABRAcross Turns blow through in the form of the All Hallows Cross.  Rumor has it that there were Team Bike Lane riders present, and that they, indeed, rode to nowhere-in-particular very quickly.  For the moment, these rumors remain unsubstantiated.  Should any rider or spectator come forward with literary or photographic evidence of Red, Black, and Yellow participation, these pages will be updated.  Until then, it is considered plausible that “racers” found a keg and decided to figure out how many cups those things really hold.

… and while we’re on the subject, All Hallows was the day before it should have been.  What’s up with that?

In stark contrast to the supposed Saturday dirt games, Digital Fairies have confirmed that racers converged on the Baltimore, MD area on Sunday, 31 October for the first running of Kinder Cross…or is it “Kross”? I kan’t keep up with all this non-cents. Unfortunately, The Chief Guy In Charge of Doing Things at the race sent the race logs home with the wrong dude.  Therefore, official results are forthcoming.  However, The Bike Lane’s own Adam Lewandowski, Manager of the Reston store, sent this text from the event:

3rd place at Kinder Kross… How do like dem apples?

He followed with:

Reed did great too! John goth 12th. Good day for TBL.  By the way the blog is sweet.

Adam’s such a nice guy.  There’s your shout out, Mr. L.  But only because you said something nice about the blog.  Sadly, there were no victory steps at the event to record Big A’s first ‘cross podium of the year.  The promoters still gave him cool schwag, though.  All’s well that ends well, anyway, so congrats to Adam and John for laying down the law in Marylandtown!

A great vid from the Men’s C race – the one Adam and John entered –  has surfaced over at YouTube, embedded below your viewing pleasure:

If it’s your vid, and you want credit or to have the embedding removed, drop me a line (asteele2 at gmail) and I’ll be happy to oblige.  Whoever you are, ‘weborganix’, thanks for putting the vid together.


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