A little of this, a little of that…

Contrary to the impression one could get from reading this blog, a lot’s been going on for The Bike Lane team.  To start with, a couple videos popped up from the Tacchino Ciclocross tandem spectacle, including one put together by the gorilla herself.  Head on over to Team Bike Lane on Facebook to check it out.  YouTube played nice and gave us another to post here:

Instead of the normal keg, though, Todd brought something special to the race:


… and merriment was had by all.

Since Tacchino, MABRAcross has continued the march into chilly temperatures and is now bumping right up against the Turkey Chase/MABRAcross Championships.  Racers were treated to a weekend off after Tacchino, which, if they were smart, they used to rest up for the HoCo2xCx.  The 11/20 and 11/21 double header weekend of Rockburn and Schooley Mill Cross, respectively, proved another wonderful sufferfest for all parties.  As usual, CrossResults.com is on the ball:

Saturday’s results are here: http://www.crossresults.com/race/1524


Sunday’s are here: http://www.crossresults.com/race/1528

The Bike Lane racers continued their season lend trend up the results sheets and, as usual, represented the colors in big numbers.  A special note goes to Ryan Jenkins for posting up on the Men’s C podium with fourth place .  There’s one more shot at MABRAcross glory on 11/28.  Make it count!

But racing isn’t all that’s been going on.  Some folks have wrapped up the season and are kicking up their feet to get the fun riding in.  A lot of them seem to be doing it on Fridays. If you’re one of them, or you want to be, then check out the Hookie Ride schedule below, straight from the ride leader:


Dec 3: Frederick Watershed: Meet at the Hamburg Road parking lot. The route it TBD at this time. Expect rocks, rocks, climbs and more rocks.

Dec 10: No Ride – Toys for Tots donation day

Dec 17: Kennedy Peak: Depending on who shows up we will either do the regular 9 mile loop or we may head down the ridge line and then climb up Massanutten Mountain on the road. Either way, it will be fun and, as usual, there will be rocks and a lot of climbing. We will meet at Camp Roosevelt Recreations Area. Google it for directions or email ride leader.

Dec 24: Not sure if there will be a ride on this day. If there is a ride it will be local.

Dec 31: Not sure about this date either.


Jan 7: Greenbriar State Park: We will meet at the boat launch. We will do the race course loop and then turn around and do it the other way- its about a 2-3 hour ride. http://www.more-mtb.org/forum/showthread.php?t=18142

Jan 14: Wolf Gap: This will be a 4-6 hour ride so be ready for it. The ride leader doesn’t know this trail too well so if you do and you want to come lead let me know.

Jan 21: Frederick Watershed: 3 hour ride. Meet at the Sandflats parking lot. Not sure what we will be riding but it will again be lots of rocks and climbs.

Jan 28: Possible preride on the Farm for Snotcycle- not sure if this is open to the public or only for racers. I will post up as the date gets closer.

Here’s to packing on the winter pounds!


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