Curtains for 2010 MABRAcross

There are a few exceptions (such as the December 12 Cattle CROSSing presented by Go Time Racing and Plum Grove Cyclery), but for most the 2010 racing season officially ended yesterday with the Tukey Chase/MABRAcross series championship.  And as most would tell you, it’s about time.  Between burnout, injuries, and broken equipment, many were ready to call it a year before the start gun even fired in Taneytown.  Still, those able lined up for the series finale and had themselves a grand old time.

Congrats to top Bike Lane finisher Adam Lewandowski (who happens to manage the Reston shop during his training time) for a well exectuted top-ten finish in the Men’s C field.  Full results can be found here.

With that, it’s time to start thinking about 2011.  Oh, and Christmas, or something, is coming up soon.  The cyclist in your life would probably appreciate some new bling for the new year…

… just sayin’. 

Stay-tuned for a few team picks of choice equipment they’ve used throughout the year.


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