Race season?

A new year for many riders means the official start of training towards the fresh season’s monuments.  SnotCycle looms  – scheduled for Saturday, 29 January – representing the unofficial start of the mountain bike racing season.  Tarmac-preferential combatants will have to wait, though, as last season’s first real local race, the Richmond International Raceway Criterium, has been pushed back from it’s 27 February date last year to Sunday, 20 March for 2011.  Richmond Velosport plans to have registration available on BikeReg shortly.  Amidst the all the excitement, it’s easy to forget to do important things.  Be sure to renew your USAC license before your first race… nobody’s going to believe that you really did just get awarded that Cat 2 upgrade if you show up without your little card.

Break out your crayons and DayPlanners, Palm Pilots, TrapperKeepers, or whatever: the 2011 MABRA calendar has been released. The Bike Lane will race even if the UCI won’t let Contador.

In case anybody’s been living under a rock missed it, snow fell on pretty much the entire eastern seaboard recently. This morning, the radio said that 49 of the 50 states (in case you couldn’t remember how many there are) currently have snow on the ground. Almost as some sort of karmic debt settlement, Northern Virginia seemed to receive the lowest snow volume of… anyhwere.  Regardless, the freeze/melt cycle is sure to turn the W & OD trail into the world’s most abusive ice-skating rink.  Assuming that there’s a limited amount of mountain biking one can do in the area – and please practice good trail stewardship: don’t ride trails that are easily damaged when they begin to thaw – and that you don’t particularly want to risk a slushy interaction with an automobile on the road, it’s time to leer at the indoor trainer. Make the time pass with less suck by joining some of the team at The Bike Lane’s Sunday morning trainer classes. Registration is HERE.  Bill instructs, and will make it hard for you to walk.  Plan to spend the rest of the day watching stick and ball sports (or checking up on various ProTour WorldTour training camp media).

In case the thought of riding your bike inside makes you ill (and it probably should), go peep Haymarket’s Winter Bike League (Facebook required).  No, it’s not a Bike Lane event, but it’s attracting most of the region’s big names and is a great way to spend time with your racer-buddies in the off-season. Wear your Bike Lane kit and help get the name out there… Haymarket’s a long haul for most folks, anyway :nudge:.

Product Update: one of our Vis 180 tail lights quit working after a particularly long ride in the rain.  Light & Motion has been quite responsive, and issued an RMA number for the repair. We’ll keep you posted on any developments.  There haven’t been any widespread reports of failure, so this should probably be treated as an isolated incident that’s being handled appropriately.


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