Monticelloman Olympic TRI

Race Report by Scott Scuadmore

I did my first full road tri yesterday [Sunday] at Lake Monticello, which also happens to be the area where we just recently built a house. I have done many XTERRA TRIs but this was my first complete road TRI.  I chose the Olympic distance since it is the closest in terms of time on the course to XTERRA.  It was a 1500 meter swim, a 40K bike (no draft time trial) and a 10K run.  My original goals were to just not finish last but after pre-riding and pre-running the course a few weeks ago I thought I might have a chance to break 3 hours and actually podium.  I went down early and stayed at the new house so I could also get my boat in the water for this season.  I rode some more of the course and got in a practice swim in the lake on Saturday morning.

Sunday morning felt great. The water was not too cold and I felt really relaxed. I planned on about a 35-36 minute swim (did 35:22) planned an hour 30 bike originally but based on feedback from other racers planned an hour 20 that would give room for a sub 3 hour race.(did 1:12:14) Run plan was to get as close to an hour as I could muster to be able stay under 3 hours. I did 1:01:34 with 4:23 of transitions (need to work on that) it came to 2:53:33. That was the good news. My legs especially my hamstrings were really hurting after the race. Not cramping just really tight and sore. I got a post race massage/stretch but not sure how much that helped. I definitely need to pick up my tempo on my training rides and runs to more mirror my race efforts but overall I was very happy with my effort. There were 6 people signed up for the 60-64 age group but only 3 started.  Two of us finished and I won by about 10 minutes over number two.  Of the 90 or so male racers I had a top 50 bike split.  It was also my first time racing with aerobars. Thanks Christopher for setting me up with those.   They are still a work in progress but I think they help a lot.  The big difference with road tris is you are redline on the bike and run the whole time with no rest at all.  Since it is a no drafting race you clearly do not get any help from the other racers.  I had hoped for an 18 mph average but thanks to all the adrenalin during the racing I was just shy of 20 mph average.  I have 4 more XTERRAs this year and will attempt my first half Ironman TRI in Sept.


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