Poolesville and Leonardtown: Racing in Maryland

On Saturday, RJ lined up for the Poolesville road race. As the only Bike Lane rider in the race, he was free to do what he wanted. Even puncture. Which he did, on the field’s first trip through the  gravel. Bum luck, but he certainly wouldn’t be the only rider that the course would claim.

Sunday, Pierce and Andrew headed out to Leonardtown for the MABRA crit championships. The race was stopped twice because the fire station on the course received emergency dispatch calls (emergency response vehicles aren’t tacks, so we’ll take it with a smile), but the pace certainly didn’t falter after either restart. Although the race was run as a 3/4, results were forwarded to USA Cycling as distinct cat 3 and cat 4 fields: when the dust settled Pierce took second and Andrew went seventh.

Congrats should go out to The Empire for dominating the Poolesville P/1/2/3 race by sweeping first through sixth places. That was certainly something to watch! The ladies of XO backed up dominating performances with first and second. And finally, props to our good friends at Bike Doctor for laying the smack down in Leonardtown by delivering back to back wins.


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