Back on the steps

BikeJam and Somerville were tough pills to swallow. After a very solid spring campaign, the results just didn’t come the other weekend. Yes, the riders were extremely lucky to come out of both races without having hit the deck. No, the results weren’t poor. But bike racers are competitors, and ‘more’ is the constant refrain. For those reasons, and the fact that Whole Wheel Velo Club’s Ride Sally Ride is one of our favorite local races, redemption was on the menu last Saturday.

Bruce, Andrew, Pierce, Buchness, Aric, and Justin S. were slated to run the Cat 3 race, Ryan B. and Mike B. for the Masters 3/4, RJ, George, andJoeP in the 4’s, and rounding out a full event: Justin Y, Al Hastings, and Crenshaw for the 5’s.

The 3 race was fast and tight: no breaks were able to stay away, and the aggressive field was punctuated by crashes. Buchness and Aric covered moves to ensure that the team wouldn’t be caught out in the event something did stick. However, it was all together in the final laps, which was when the crashing started. The first crash happened in turn 2 with 2 laps to go as a result of a rider scraping a pedal. Then, in the penultimate turn a rolled tubular disrupted the outside line. Some combination of luck and positioning – with big ups to Aric for taking the reins and dragging Pierce and Andrew to th head of affairs – kept Bike Lane racers out of trouble. Out of the mess Andrew and Pierce managed to clamp on to 2nd and 4th places, respectively. Special thanks to On-The-Road-Captain Van Der Buckley for turning chaos in to a cohesive unit!

Unfortunately, the 4 race was marred by a lap miscount that saw several racers, RJ included, sprint for the line with a lap to go. To lose a race because of a technicality is a major bummer, but on a positive note, everybody stayed out of trouble and came home in tact. The 5’s all added another race to their cat 4 upgrade credits, with Justin Y. taking the top team spot in 12th.

Ryan Bannon, in his first race back from a brutal crash in the Tysons Corner Circuit race in 2009, pulled a top-10 out of his hat (8th) in the Master’s 3/4 field.

Special note goes to Kristopher Hayne, manager of the The Bike Lane springfield location, for demonstrating the team’s dedication to excellence in the Reston Sprint Tri: 2nd place!

Next on tap is the Air Force Cycling Classic: Saturday will see Bike Lane racers toe the line in the Clarendon Cup and Sunday will bring the Crystal Cup.  Because the premier events on both days are NRC, expect a great show!


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