Reston Town Center Grand Prix

The Reston Town Center Grand Prix is something of a special race. It sits in the heart of the MABRA region, and is nestled right in the thick of the Northern Virginia/Greater Metropolitan area. It’s easily one of the higher-trafficked areas that we’ll race in over the year, and it’s on The Bike Lane’s home soil: the Reston store is in the same shopping center as the race. Everybodys’ friends and family comes to spectate and race entries are always high. 2011 was no exception. All the usual suspects came out to play, and here’s how things looked after the dust settled:

Men’s 3/4: 3rd – Pierce Schmerge, 4th – Andrew Steele, 29 – Thomas Shaw, 30 – Ryan Bannon.
Men’s 35+ 3/4: 24 – Ryan Bannon
Men’s 4: 33 – Jason Ray
Men’s 5: 6 – Loren Vandivere, 25 – Patrick Collins

Photos courtesy of Lee Diehr.


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