From Altoona: SICK!

Well, I woke up this morning – at a the crack of 10:30 – feeling like I’d been run over by a truck. Not good. Still, I’m here and that means I’m going to go out and race. The majority of the day was spent in bed, but Lindsay (The Dirt Field) and I went out for a quick spin at 5 o’clock or so. Every road in this town leads to up. How is that even possible? Tomorrow’s going to hurt. We ran in to Sunny Gill from Team Bike Doctor in the parking lot of the race hotel as we finished up the ride, and chatted about the course.

A few hours – and a nice dinner with the ladies of CAWES Cycling – later, and I’m laying out tomorrow’s goods and winding down. I’ll be lucky if I get any sleep tonight at all, what with all the talk about how hard things are going to be… color me apprehensive.

Numbers, race food, breakfast....


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