Altoona in Review: Blair County Road Race

Well, I can’t say I wasn’t warned. Things started out innocently enough. The course was a hair over 70 miles and showcased three majors climbs to the tune of almost 6,000 feet in elevation gain. Blue Knob was the first, and the other two, well… didn’t so much matter. Things started innocently enough: Celerity Cycling’s Dan Netzer attacked from the gun and his teammate, Frank Cundiff, worked to keep things disrupted at the front. The racing was civil.

At 9 miles in, the officials neutralized our race to let the cat 2 field pass… turns out they were misdirected. Another 3 miles later we were neutralized again at the first feed zone.  When things restarted we passed the neutralized pro women’s field at about mile 19. Apparently they were misdirected, t0o. That was the story of the day: misdirection, riders off course.

… and then the racing really started. 26 miles in, the field turned on to the Blue Knob climb, fractured, and I was at the back of affairs. I couldn’t get my legs to make pace,  so I watched the action ride away. Break out the excuse book and file this one under ‘sick.’ Whatever the reason, it was a disappointing and lonely day. Knowing that I wouldn’t make any meaningful progress on the results chart, I settled in for a good day of training and looked forward to Sunday’s crit. Over the rest of the day, I was joined by 3 more for our little laughing group: good company. We hammed up the finish and really raced the last few miles. Good for a decent laugh.

The result? 36th. A big thanks goes out to Team Bike Doctor for lending their significant others’ support in the feed zone. They were invaluable.


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