GMSR Stage 1: Warren Time Trial

Today you are you, that is truer than true.

What can you say about a TT? I went. I rode. It hurt. I finished. The affair was less than noteworthy, as was my finish time, but I was happy to have it out of the way. The racing was officially underway, and it went off without a hiccup. My time of 16:33 was good for 67th. At least I wasn’t last?

On the ride back to the car, I chatted with a few other racers. Most people were still unsure of what to expect from the weekend. At that time, Sunday’s stage re-route had yet to be finalized and we had already learned that Saturday’s circuit race would be a completely different course than originally planned. When I stopped at a gas station to get a little post-race food I took a minute to watch wave after wave of racers roll through town: time trialists look ridiculous.


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