2011 MABRAcross Super 8: The Beginning

MABRA’s unofficial cyclocross season kickoff got things underway a few weeks ago with the MAC Charm City race.  A week later, the local championship series, Super 8, rolled with the Tacchino Ciclocross. Last Sunday, round 2: Winchester Apple Cross. The Bike Lane was well represented across practically every field that started at each race and brought home some pretty good results, too.

Tacchino Ciclocross

This year, things look a little different. The MABRAcross series has been reduced to a total of 8 races (Super 8, get it?) and their order has been changed around a bit. More significantly, both rounds this year have featured mud. Lots and lots of mud. The conditions have favored riders with big motors, smooth technique, and good bike handling skills: like Ryan Bannon. Mr. Bannon made things look easy at Tacchino, taking the Masters 35+ 3/4 win and donning the Super 8 leader jersey. Showing up to find more mud at Apple Cross, he rolled a tubular but still managed to pull out an impressive spot on the rostrum. Well done, Ryan!  Bruce [Van Der] Buckley followed Ryan in with a very strong 17th place,  then John Reed for 33 and Rich McAfee for 39th.

The 10-14 Junior Boys had to deal with “Little G” Shulz, who did his dad proud by taking the team’s second victory of the day! The red, white, and yellow boys kept the rest of the 10-14 year olds busy as James an Cameron took strong 10th and 18 performances, respectively. Shulz the elder was not one to be denied a good story at the dinner table, though, as he hammered home a strong 2nd place in the Men’s 4 field! The men kept things interesting, as Kyle Murphy locked in a strong 5th place in the Men’s 3/4, with Pierce Schmerge riding to 9th.

But the men weren’t the only ones to represent at Rosaryville: new addition Mary Tyson rode to a strong 4th place with Karen Tally rounding out the podium in 5th for the Women’s 4 field. Shop owner Anne Mader rolled in to 8th, Arden Sperty netted 13th, and Sarah Richards took 16th.

When all was said and done, The Bike Lane fielded 19 racers – a tremendously good way to start the season!

Winchester Apple Cross

Participation dwindled a bit in Winchester, but enthusiasm and suffering were turned on high as everybody looked to better their results from the weekend before.

Anne moved up a few spots on to the Women’s 4 podium with 4th place, as Mary bettered her position and moved on to the second step! Pay close attention: next year these ladies will tear things up in the “Killer B’s” (but no pressure!). As noted before, Mr. Bannon landed a solid 4th place to stay in the championship hunt, and George Shulz the Senior catted up and followed him in with an impressive 16th place. Van Der Buckley ticked off a consistently strong 19th, just a few spots before  John Reed in 21st, Rich McAfee for 33’rd, and Alistair Hastings in 60th.

And who cold forget about Little G? Doing the double, he brought home another Bike Lane win!\

Kyle Murphy delivered the hurt to the Men’s 3/4 field, landing on the podium with second place and Pierce rounded out the top 10 with 6th place.

Check out Ryan Jenkins’ photos below, or cruise on over to Photodromo.com for his full sets:


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