The Battle at Warrior Creek

On April 7th, a small contingent of Bike Lane racers made camp in North Carolina for the 6 Hours of Warrior Creek endurance race. Racing solo, Ryan Jenkins represented the men and Beth Fulton the women. Four team women registered for the duo-female fields: Jill Eanes and Dee Reeb made up the first entry while Elaine Hess and Arden Sperty the second.

Staving off disaster during their Friday pre-ride – and probing the limits of modern automotive bicycle+passenger design capacity – all 5 racers took the start line on Saturday. Endurance races are a tricky matter, and making it through the full race distance is often more complicated than the results indicate. The team is happy to report that all 5 entrants finished the day without issue, putting in some impressive performances along the way. Full results can be found here, but the highlights are below:

Of special note, congrats to Jill and Dee for their impressive podium performance! Watch out for a much larger group of Bike Lane racers at this weekend’s Bakers Dozen.

Check out a full set of pictures here.


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