Carl’s Dozen: Two Races, One Weekend

When you’re on a big team, there’s always something going on. This is cool and fun and good. It means you can carpool and race with friends and rarely have to experience events on your own. What’s less fun that driving to a race that’s 4 hours away? Doing it alone, hot, sticky, and sweaty after a disappointing day on the bike. On the flip side, good days are celebrated with the people that understand better than anybody else. But if you’re writing for the team blog… good luck.

Couldn’t there just be like, three people racing at once?

No such luck this week, as a couple of the region’s most popular races were marked on the calendar. On Saturday, April 14, somewhere near about 20 Bike Lane jerseys converged in Leesburg, VA to compete in the Bakers Dozen endurance mountain bike race. The next day, Colombia, MD was the place to be for the 19th Annual Carl Dolan Memorial Circuit Race.

The Bakers Dozen course was rumored to be as fast as it’s even been. The weather was warm and the trails were dry, which paved the way for the winning solo male racer to complete 21 laps, and the top 3 person male teams to finish 22. Inevitably, any attempts at a full accounting of all team finishes will miss something. So here are the highlights:

  • 5th place – Julie Guy, Solo Female (11 laps)
  • 2nd place – Anne Mader, Beth Fulton 2 Person Female (15 laps)
  • 5th place – Ben Blanton, Aric Line, Ryan Jenkins, 3 Person Male (20 laps)
  • 2nd place – Elaine Hess, Dee Reeb, Arden Sperty, 3 Person Female (15 laps)
  • 3rd place – Leslie Keck, Jill Eanes, Whitney Houck, 3 Person Female (15 laps)
  • 2nd place – John Claman, Pete, 2 Person Geezer

Success was not as bountiful at Carl Dolan. The kilometer long hill that saw the backs of fields bunching with the fronts all day long was supplemented by a steady wind. Throughout the day, riders sought shelter in the peloton, which caused multiple incidents. Both the 3/4 and 4/5 races had to be neutralized and restarted due to serious accidents, and there were a number of less severe mash-ups. The breadwinners of the day were Mary Tyson, who notched a 5th place in the women’s 4 race, and James Studebaker, who put on a great show by perching in the first couple wheels on the final lap and stayed out of trouble to win the cat 4 field (2nd overall in the 3/4).


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