Ride Sally Ride Team Race Report

This past Saturday was the Ride Sally Ride criterium in Sterling, and the Bike Lane Team had a strong showing. The course was a 1km loop with 3 turns, flat, and with no “yellow line” rule.

Ride Sally RideMen – Cat 5: The Cat 5’s started off the day with an overall good race. Ben Blanton finished 8th in the final sprint, Ryan Wilt was 16th, and James Morston finished 31st.

Men – Cat 4: Next up was the Cat 4, with Al Hastings, Jason Ray, and Marc Genberg. The first few laps started out at a reasonable pace, with a few breakaways that were reeled back in. The pace continued to pick up, and just as Marc made the first turn on the final lap, a rider went down in a solo crash. Just after the last turn, another rider went down. Marc and Al avoided the crashes, and were able to stay with the group to the finish. Jason Ray stayed close to the front for most of the race, keeping him away from the crashes and finishing 25th. You can read Jason’s full report here.

Women – Cat 4: The women were next, and Mary Tyson represented the ladies of TBL. In Mary’s words, the race was largely uneventful, with no breakaways, and no crashes. Mary took the last turn easy after some of the day’s earlier crashes and finished 4th, saving her win for another day perhaps!

Men – Cat 3: The Cat 3’s finished out the day for the Bike Lane Team with some impressive finishes. Pierce Schmerge took 3rd, Aric Line was 10th, and James Studebaker was 33rd. This was the second race of the day for James, as he also raced the Men Cat 3 / 4 Masters.

Ride Sally Ride

Photo Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dvrbytony2/with/7323684672/


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