12 Hours of Cranky Monkey

Last Saturday was the 12 Hours of Cranky Monkey Mountain Bike Relay Race. As a Bike Lane sponsored race, we usually have a large showing from the team, and this year was no exception. Below are highlights of the results from the day for Bike Lane teams, Bike Lane solo riders, and teams that included Bike Lane riders. Full results can be found here.

  • Solo Female: Beth Fulton – 2nd place
  • Duo Female: Leslie Keck and Tracy Betts – 2nd place
  • Duo Male 80+: Marc Genberg and Lee Diehr – 9th place
  • 3 Person Male: Matthew Mead, Brian Newson,  Luke Pingel – 6th place
  • 3 Person Male 105+: Frank Raiti, Michael Raiti,  Fred Stacey – 9th place
  • 3 Person Male 120+: John Claman, Steve Viers,  Paul Hardy – 3rd place
  • 3 Person Male 120+: Russ Adams, Dave Simpson,  Jeff Steiner – 4th place

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