The Bike Lane Women in Davis

The small mountain town of Davis, West Virginia sat quietly the afternoon of Thursday July 12, completely unaware of its fate. It was Year 2 of the Bike Lane Women’s Weekend, and 14 mountain biking ladies were on their way. We arrived on Thursday and Friday, making the Bright Morning Inn our home for the weekend.

The main activities kicked off Saturday morning with the arrival of our mountain biking mentor and guide for the weekend, Sue Haywood. We gathered in the parking lot behind the Bright Morning Inn anxiously awaiting the start of our day. The rain had been threatening and the forecast looked questionable, but the sun was out for our departure. Sue started out with a review of our bike setup. I think every one of us made some type of adjustment before heading out, mainly focusing on the location of our break levers and shifters. After we were all freshly adjusted, we made our way over to Davis Trail. Throughout the morning we would ride and regroup with advice, pointers, and direction from Sue.

We eventually made our way over to Sue’s house for lunch. Not only is Sue an amazing rider, excellent teacher, and about the nicest person you will ever meet, she is an excellent cook and wonderful hostess as well. We immediately felt at home as we tromped around her house in our sweaty, mud covered clothes and stuffed ourselves with grilled veggies, trout, salsa, fruit salad, cookies, snickers bars, and other wonderful things. The weather had been holding out, so we relaxed outside and considered moving right into Sue’s house and never leaving Davis.

Finally, we motivated ourselves to get up and head back out. Sue took us on some new trails we never would have found on our own, and taught us a few more things along the way. After several hours on the trails, we pulled back into the Inn, got some quick showers and headed across the street to Hellbender Burritos for dinner and beers.

What happens in Davis stays on Facebook. If you are friends with even one of the Bike Lane women, you page was probably exploding with things like Tecate, giant birthday cakes, and unexplained hairdryers, as we created our own party at the Inn. Men slowly walked by, wishing for an invite, but none were offered. Dating in Davis was summed up well by the bartender at Hellbender’s, “the odds are good, but the goods are odd,” and “men don’t date, they just wait in line.”

After a late night, it was difficult to get going in the morning. However, Sunday’s first stop was for coffee, which provided a little more wake up time and extra post-breakfast caffeine. After coffee, Sue demoed going over rocks and logs, then taught the group the rainbow jump. Sue made everything look super easy, and the group did really well working on some skills. After another great day of riding, no one was ready to leave, but real life awaited us back home.

In case it is not obvious, I’ll say that everyone had an amazing weekend. Since mountain biking is a sport with a relatively small number of women, we are extremely lucky to have such a wonderful team, and to have Sue so nearby, available, and willing to do these clinics with us. For any other group she teaches, she might just be an instructor, but for us, she is more of an inspiration. When combined with the support of such a great team, I think we might just be unstoppable!

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