July Race Update

The Bike Lane team has been up to a lot lately. So much in fact, that it is difficult to summarize without missing something. But just so you don’t think that all we have been doing for the past few weeks is watching the Tour de France and Olympic cycling, I’ll give it a shot.

At the beginning of the month, the Bike Lane helped to host the first (and maybe annual) Fountainhead Mountain Bike Time Trial Race. This was a grassroots effort to find the TRUE King and Queen of Fountainhead. The weather was HOT with temperatures over 100 degrees after a week of record setting heat. But that didn’t stop anyone, and at the end of the day, Bike Lane team members Pierre Martel and Kathy Coutinho were crowned as the King and Queen of Fountainhead. Pierre finished the race in 54:58 while Kathy finished in 1:00:16.

A few weekends ago was the XTERRA EX2 Off-Road Triathlon and Duathlon at Rocky Gap State Park. As a Bike Lane sponsored race, we had a great turnout from the team with lots of great race successes. It almost seemed that if you were on the team, you were on the podium:

  • Kathy Coutinho: 1st place Women 40-44
  • Frank Febbraro: 2nd place Men 35-39
  • Pierre Martel: 2nd place Men 40-44
  • Russ Adams: 3rd place Men 50-54
  • Kevin Adams: 3rd place Men 55-59

That same weekend we had several team members at the Giro di Coppi in Maryland, and the following weekend, we had team members more dispersed across the region at races including the Blackwater Classic in Davis, West Virginia, Camp Hilbert in Richmond, and the Grand View Grand Prix in Pennsylvania.

Most recently, we had some great time trialing action at the Shenandoah Time Trial, with first place finishes by Mary Tyson in the Women’s Cat 4 and James Studebaker in the Men’s Cat 3. This weekend, racers will be heading to the Page Valley Road race and to the first race of the Cranky Monkey Mountain Bike series at Schaffer Farms.


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