Tacchino Cyclocross: An Excellent Kick-off to ‘Cross Season

Cyclocross season is offically here, and the Bike Lane was out in full force at Tacchino on Sunday. I think the day was really summed up the best in an email to the team by one of our most dedicated spectators for the day, Arden Sperty. Her detailed account is below, making my job SO much easier. I particularly enjoy her description of the Men’s 3/4 race and everyone should heed her advice at the end.


Arden’s  Tacchino Review

Tacchino 2012TBL had a really good showing on Sunday, in my opinion. It was fun to watch. I didn’t get there early enough to see Elaine, Ryan Wilt, or my Subaru friendzie Bruce’s race, but I saw most everyone else’s races. Rich, which race were you in? How did it go? Rumor has it the early races were a little slippery due to wet ground, but the ground dried out as the temperatures rose. And boy did it get hot.

Mary, Karen, and Anne were all on the course together, so Elaine, Pete, Julie, Brad, Dave Rees, Pierce, myself, and some others, took a stroll to the top of the run-up to shout at them. Dave Rees enjoyed watching his first cx race, where his incessant talking could be directed at a captive audience. He likes this heckling thing and wanted to know what things were called so he could compliment the racers. I told him it’s called a “hop-along” when the racers run over a log or a barrier, and we proceeded to laugh at him as he yelled “NICE HOPALONG!” at racers who looked at him wondering what the F his problem was. BTW, it’s not called a hopalong. Ah good times. During this time we saw Mary come up the run-up looking hungry for blood, Anne demonstrated her lovely remount skills, and Karen passed people on foot as she ran up the hill like it was nothing. Sweet little super-fit Karen also gave a priceless, “What the !@#$ is this girl’s problem?!” look to some girl who was having trouble coordinating her limbs to get back on her bike. Awesome, Karen. You looked superb, only a week after SM100.

Ginger, Jay Ray, RJ, Brooks, and John Mead all lined up together at 2:00. Am I forgetting anyone? I think I saw all but Ginger sitting on the ground at some point after the race, shaking their heads back and forth, incredulous that their heart rates could go that high. Good job, all of you. Ben and I saw the winner of that race collapse on the ground in front of us, unable to form words with the sounds he was making, only to quickly hop up and run to an unpopulated area to vomit. That is one tough category to race in. But aren’t they all?!

I saw Ryan Bannon only a couple times, but he was looking really good on the course. I didn’t see him after the race, but would love to hear a little recap if you have a minute, Ryan.

I saw the first part of Pierce’s race, but had to leave part way through. This is definitely a race to watch, though. These guys are hauling ass. I watched Pierce haul ass for a while, but left before his knee encountered a pedal. Blood ensued, so I’m not sure how he finished, but he appears to be in good form this early in the season. And I’m an expert at assessing these sorts of things, so take my word for it (obviously kidding).

I know I’m missing some people, but I just got home from work and wanted to send a quick note to tell you all that you did great out there. It was really fun to watch, and to hang out with you and your friends, families, and dogs. The most common sentiment I heard afterwards was, “I’ve got a lot of work to do.” So get out there, do the work, and sign up for Winchester if you haven’t already. It’s a really fun course, especially if you have mtb skills. Also, don’t be afraid to try your first race this season. Stop making excuses (oh, i don’t have my cx bike built yet; i don’t want to be last; i’ll do really poorly; blah blah blah). Quit yer boohooing, get on your cross bike or bar-end-free mtb, and enter a race. It’s fun, there’s beer and a food truck 90% of the time, and there’s almost always a moonbounce for your rugrats. And somebody has to be last; it won’t kill you to take your turn.

Happy trails,


Full results can be found here.  Also, most people left before getting to see Brooks before his last race, so here he is:

Brooks at Tacchino


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