Lots of Strong Bike Lane Finishes at Apple Cross

The Bike Lane had a strong showing at Apple Cross this past weekend in Winchester, with riders in categories ranging from the Master’s 1/2/3 to the Junior Women. Top finishes went to Mary Tyson, winning the Women’s 3/4, G Schulz taking 3rd in the Men’s Cat 4, Brooks Bowman finishing 10th in the Men’s 3/4, Ryan Bannon coming in 13th in the Master’s 1/2/3, and John Mead finishing 15th in the Men’s Cat 4.

Rich McAfee and George Schulz also had strong finishes in the Master’s 3/4, taking 26th and 27th with Alistair Hastings not far behind. During the Men’s 3/4 race, Ryan Jenkins, Jason Ray, and Alistair Hastings could be spotted going back and forth throughout the race for a solid mid-pack finish in a competitive field. Olivia Schulz took on the junior women and won, and G Schulz came in 5th in his junior race, which was his second of the day.

David Lee got some great shots throughout the day, check them out below.


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