6 Hours of Cranky Monkey and the Black Hills Circuit Race

While there has been a sprinkling of races through the winter across the area, the local racing season started this past weekend for most of the Bike Lane Team with the 6 Hours of Cranky Monkey on Saturday and the Black Hills Circuit Race on Sunday. We had a good showing at both events and some good results as well.

6 Hours of Cranky Monkey

Photo by Swim, Bike, Run PhotographyOur winter-like spring continued into the morning on Saturday, with freezing temperatures and a layer of frost on the ground. Racers trickled into Rosaryville State Park for the first 6 Hours of Cranky Monkey Mountain Bike Relay race. Despite the early morning cold, the sun was shining, and it promised to be a beautiful day. The trails were also in perfect condition, which has been a rarity lately. With seemingly constant rain, snow, and sleet, it has been difficult to find a dry day on the trails locally.

The 6-hour racers went off at 10:00 and the 3-hour racers at 10:30, and Bike Lane jerseys could be spotted all over the course throughout the day. In the 3-hour race, Frank Febbraro had a first place overall finish, Dee Reeb took 4th for the women, and Russ Adams was 4th in Clydesdale. In the 6-hour race, Karen Talley Mead was 2nd in solo female, Pete von Loewe was just off the podium in 6th for the solo 35+ men, and Brad Hawk was right behind him.

Black Hills Circuit Race

The Bike Lane road team turned out in full force to kick off the season at the Black Hills Circuit Race. It was a rough start with the 4 race, with a flat on the first lap for Joe Penano, and rider with a mechanical that caused Marc Genberg to be separated from the group. The 4/5 race had the largest showing of TBLers. John Mead was looking strong toward the front of the group, until a crash on the last lap separated him from the pack. Alistair Hastings made it around the crash and finished with the pack. Mary Tyson was the only woman out representing TBL, but she was taken out by a crash early in the race. James Studebaker and Aric Line rode strong in the 3/4 race, and the day finished with Mike Kingery, Andrew Steele, and Pierce Schmerge in the 1/2/3 race, with Pierce taking 6th place.

Up next…

With Easter next weekend there are no races, but the team isn’t taking the weekend off! The road team is heading out to Wintergreen for a road camp, and several mountain bikers will be heading to the Michaux Mountain Bike School to learn from the pros.


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