The Tour of Page County

This past weekend was the Tour of Page County, which includes a road race on Saturday and a time trial and a criterium on Sunday. The road race is held on rolling roads right outside of downtown Luray, and Saturday brought perfect weather for bike racing. Sunday’s time trial started near the Luray Caverns, with a fast downhill start, and a long climb back to the finish. The crit course winds its way through downtown Lurary with nine 90 degree turns and is anything but flat with a steep climb to the finish. Just as the first crit race was getting ready to start, the rain started. Luckily, the rain stayed light and didn’t cause any major problems throughout the day, but it certainly made 9 turns more interesting.

The Bike Lane only had two people racing at this event, but both took home podium finishes by the end of the weekend. James Studebaker took second place overall in the Cat 2/3 stage race. James was 1st in the road race, 9th in the time trial, and 14th in the criterium. John Mead took 4th over all in the Cat 5 stage race. John was 2nd in the road race, 7th in the time trial, and 7th in the criterium.

Photo by Jon Winters

Photo by Jon Winters


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