9 Hours of Cranky Monkey

The 9 Hours of Cranky Monkey was this past weekend, and the Bike Lane had a strong showing with lots of podiums. The race took place at Rocky Gap State Park in Maryland on  twisty, fast, singletrack that loops around a beautiful lake. Racers complete as many 9-mile laps as they can in 9 hours.

  • Women’s Solo: Beth Fulton took 4th and Christina Higgins was 5th, both completing 8 laps.
  • Men’s Solo 35+: Bill Olsen was 3rd with 9 laps,
  • Men’s Solo 45+: Russ Adams was 2nd with 10 laps and Mike Bender was 5th with 9 laps.
  • Solo Singlespeed: Dave Simpson took 3rd and completed 9 laps.

Male Duo team Pete von Lowe and Brad Hawk won for “Worst luck of the day” with Pete’s three flats (or was it more?). Even with the setbacks, they still managed 10 laps and a 9th place finish.

Full results can be found here.


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