The Bike Lane at the 2013 SM100

The 15th annual Shenandoah Mountain 100 was held over this past Labor Day weekend, and the Bike Lane had a strong showing with over 25 riders and many volunteers as well.

With an unusually wet summer, it was no surprise to see wet trails on race day. Downpours were on and off all afternoon on Saturday as racers set up camp at the Stokesville campground. Luckily, the weather on Sunday morning  was clear and cool for the start. A few racers were caught in an afternoon shower, and the ones who missed it were treated to the slippery trails as a result. Luckily, the SM100 trails still ride quite well even with some rain. The trails were slippery throughout the course, but not quite like mud slog of 2012.

Mike Buchness–finishing his 15th SM100–was the first across the line for the Bike Lane with a time of 10:02. Karen Talley Mead was the next Bike Lane rider to come in, with a time of 12:02, and was followed by Mark Ehrler at 12:33.

Shortly after, the team’s large group of women began crossing the line in groups. The team had 9 women who started and finished the race including Julie Guy, Beth Fulton, Anne Mader, Leslie Keck, Liz Notter, Christina Higgens, Elaine Hess, and Lynn Grasso. Many of these riders finished their first SM100, but whether it is your first or 15th, it is a great accomplishment. It would have taken no less than a bulldozer to keep these women from finishing their races, and it was nothing but smiles across the finish line.


In addition to the racers, we had great volunteers all over the course as well. Marc Genberg was at Aid Station 4 all day, John Mead and Catherine Sheridan directed racers, and Joe Penano swept the course. Bruce Buckley was also out all weekend taking lots of great photos. Check out his photo essay of the weekend for an excellent recap of the event.


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