MORE Camping Trip

by Russ

Team Bike Lane had a small showing at this year’s MORE camping trip. Sarah, Brad, Pete, Larry, Rich, Ernie, Russ, and Mike were on hand for the festivities.

Mike used his knowledge of the Davis WV trails to lead an incredible ride. We started out with rocky, rooty, mossy, muddy single track that Davis is known for.  Then we climbed steadily on the same to the highest point of the trail system. After a screaming descent back to the Blackwater River, we rode the”moon rocks” loop. Pete rode the insane line exiting the “moon” and made it looked easy. After the best downhill in the area, we rode “Splash Dam” a new trail along the river that was full of tight turns and rocks. It was an incredible five plus hour ride.

The MORE put luck dinner was a great end to hard day of riding. It was fun to ride with Club members from all over the DC Metro Area. The camp fires were the only way to deal with the cold temperatures of the weekend. It was almost like two camping trips. One trip being very family friendly, making s’mores, kids all over the place playing games and enjoying the freedom that only a campground provides. And then there was the “adult” trip. At the Team XXL campsite is where the largest camp fire gathering occurred. There were three ways to stay warm:

  1. Wear appropriate cold weather gear (did not bring it)
  2. Partake of the Bourbon, tequila, and whiskey that were making their way around the circle (it did not keep me warm but I did not care about the cold)
  3. Wear all your clothes, borrow a down jacket and finally wrap yourself in a thick slanket (My final solution for Saturday)
A good time was had by all!

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