About The Team

A long time ago, in the back of a dimly lit Local Bike Shop, a motley crew of competitive riders hatched a fledgling racing team.  Their goal was simple, not unlike that of any other amateur racers: to ride around looking really PRO in spiffy team kit and hang out talking about epic rides.

OK, so maybe not.

The Bike Lane Race Team is a diverse collection of individuals from all walks of life.  Supported by The Bike Lane, and over fifty active members strong, the team could define “grassroots racing.”  In another universe, the racers may have never crossed paths, but in this one they all share an intense passion for bicycles, competition, and fun.  Through the team, strong bonds of friendship have been formed between members.  Riders have volunteered countless hours of community service to the cause of improving cycling for everybody in the Mid-Atlantic region.  And last, but certainly not least, the team has left it’s stamp on the local racing scene:   one team can’t win everything, but you can count on The Bike Lane to show up with a smile and put it’s best foot forward.

Ready to race!


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